What can PartnerJD do for you?

When your firm or company needs legal staffing and litigation support, PartnerJD is prepared to answer the call immediately. We offer staffing solutions and top-notch attorneys whenever the situation arises.

PartnerJD's goal is to provide clients with experienced attorneys that can complete review projects in an efficient, accurate manner. We execute this by actively maintaining a pool of interested candidates in each market served, enabling quick responses to client inquiries. We consider each engagement as a new opportunity to apply our passion, focus, and dedication to offering cost-efficient, reliable staffing that law firms and corporations highly seek. Find out more »

When recruiting candidates for clients, PartnerJD uses a thorough process that involves personal interviews, extensive screenings, and professional reference checks. Our recruiting efforts ensure each candidate meets the high standards clients demand, such as practice area expertise, excellent organizational skills, and exceptional written and oral communication. Find out more »